The Most Complete Edge Computing Platform.

Seamlessly connect nearly all brownfield to greenfield industrial assets & derive value with instant analytics or integrations.

Rated as a Leading Vendor on MachNation’s
2018 IoT Edge ScoreCard.


What does LoopEdge Do?

LoopEdge lets you collect data from industrial systems like PLC, DCS, Sensors or Historians and run Event processing, Lambda functions or Edge Applications from the marketplace locally – all with a offline first deployment.

Run Anywhere

LoopEdge runs on any IoT gateway, Industrial PCs or VMs.

Collect Data from Anywhere

In just a few clicks, DeviceHub lets industry 4.0 teams quickly and easily connect to any PLC, DCS, robotic systems, CNCs and other industrial assets.

Edge Management

Manage edge devices locally with an intutive web interface.

Application Deployment

Analyze data at the edge with an application marketplace.


Event processing and Lambda functions at the edge.

Remote Access

Access devices remotely with one click from Loop – deep within your enterprise networks.

Cloud Connection

Securely connect to various IoT cloud platforms, including Loop.

Offline-first system

Offline-first deployment allows enterprises to deploy and manage edge devices without internet connection.

LoopEdge 6 + 1 Framework

LoopEdge is carefully designed to manage a complete edge lifecycle. Starting from mass edge device deployments, configurations, application management and over-the-air updates to cloud.

LoopEdge is the best data acquisition software for different sensors, PLCs, DCS, CNC, robotic systems or any other assets because of our DeviceHub framework. Running Linux, DeviceHub is a secure and intelligent framework with protocols and drivers that collect data from 1000’s of industrial systems. DeviceHub allows users to :

  • Discover all assets connected to LoopEdge
  • Define connectivity metrics to the assets
  • Implement automated or logic driven data collection
  • On-the-fly normalize data from proprietary to standard formats
  • All with no coding required.

Deliver analytics that matter. Close to the source.

LoopEdge easily fits in with the rest of your applications or analytic tools. It comes with out-of-the-box 45+ applications which can be deployed right away, locally inside LoopEdge. It also provides databases, event processing, visualizations, asset management, integration system etc. If you require something that is not available, LoopEdge allows the deployment of custom applications or analytics in private marketplaces.

Manage anything & everything.

LoopEdge allows seamless management of every aspect of Edge deployment with web interfaces, remote commands or REST APIs.

  • Device Management
  • Applications Management
  • Network Management
  • Security & Certificate Management
  • Firmware Management


How do I get started with LoopEdge?

Whether you are creating a short-term project or require a long-term solution, we are flexible in providing the most affordable approach to match your needs. Let one of our sales engineers assess your project and walk you through which plan works best.

Where do I purchase a license?

Contact a Litmus Automation representative to discuss licensing options.

What are the licensing models?

+ Number of deployments.
+ Perpetual and Subscription options.
+ With or without LoopCloud.

I have a feature request

We rely on customers to tell us how we can enhance our products to exceed their expectations. Tell us about your use cases and send us your wish lists at litmus

How many industrial drivers are supported?

Almost all standard industrial drivers are supported by LoopEdge. If we don’t have the one you are looking for, we will provide a custom solution.

What types of support are available?

Standard – With this basic plan, receive support responses within regular Customer Support business hours (Pacific time). Includes all major and minor software updates.

Enhanced – For 24×5 global support, with more frequent status updates, this enhanced plan offers higher priority for service requests. Includes all major and minor software updates.

Premium – When even minor delays impact critical business operations, this premium plan ensures priority attention with frequent status updates. Includes 24×5 global support and all major and minor software updates

LoopEdge Product Information

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